1 Introduction

The Digital Sales Reporting Message Suite Standard was developed by the member organisations of the Digital Data Exchange, LLC (DDEX) and the various profiles within the Standard provide a uniform mechanism to enable Licensees (typically Digital Service Providers) to report to Rights Controllers (typically Music Rights Societies, Music Publishers, Music Licensing Companies and/or Record Companies) information regarding the level of sales, usage and/or revenue generated from the distribution of such products to the relevant Rights Controllers and to enable the exchange of information between such parties in relation to various business processes that support those activities.

This Profile of the Digital Sales Reporting Message Suite Standard enables a Licensee to communicate to a Licensor a list of Resources (such as sound recordings or videos) that are used in their service before sending any sales or usage  figures. This allows Licensors to carry out the matching of Musical Works to those Resources before any sales or usage figures are received, and thus report back to the Licensee its claims in respect of the Musical Works they represent. 

Any organisation wishing to implement this (or any other DDEX standard) is required to apply for an Implementation Licence. The terms of the licence an application form can be found here and here.